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Worse service ever !!!!
I live in Albion, Morc. De chazal and I just want to know why the driver decides by himself which road to take ? ? Sometimes I am lucky to catch the bus passing through my road but sometimes,unfortunately for me,the driver decides to change the trajectory. This is one problem parmis tant d'autres !!! Tired of calling them twice a week and nothing is done, as everybody don'the care ! They just wait for the end of the month to get their salary.
Aggressive Driver on bus 7520 NV 13
Today 28 Feb 2020
I took the UBS bus 2 Port Louis from Curepipe Station.
Although we waited almost 30 minutes to have a bus, the drivers obviously seem aggressive.

He was always on a very high tone of voice. Aggressing verbally people wanting to get in the bus - Degazer!! Marcher pas p kav coma pu monte dans bis... Marcher Missier. Koster derrier enn fois.. pena place la pas p trouver pena place dans bis la....

So on, waiting for one hour was not an issue until now, but I really suggest that you encourage proper and adequate manners from your staffs.

I always use the 102 bus line from CNT to get from Curepipe to Beau Bassin but today I opt to take the UBS
A very bad approach and its disgusting. It make hearts sift when you see this types of comportment with elderly/seniors.

I am sure he wont appreciate someone ill treating a family member of his like that...

Consciousness is not such a BIG DEAL!
Good manners NEITHER!

The driver himself is kinda old, if you can see at a certain time youre too old to deal with people and impatience is becoming a routine. Please dont work with PUBLIC!

Maybe just a comment amongst others... maybe will be ignored.
But someone needed to say it.

just wanted to know why UBS has decreased busses on the bus route Curepipe to Ebene and Eebne to Curepipe. we have to wait too long for bus (for about 30 to 45 minutes) and also the bus always crowded, always standing in the bus. we are human beings not animals, we pay bus fare, not to travel standing all the way no space at all in the bus.
Dangerous driving 2607 Ap07
It was around 17h35 route St Martin towards canot the traffic was congested the driver was very rude horning he took over on left side.there were kids in my car he was swearing to let him pass kindly find attached pic
Bonjour je voudrais faire une remarque et voudrais comprendre pourquoi a reduit les bus de votre companies mettre du temps a venir pour le tragect de reduit a curepipe a prend beaucoup de temps part contre les autre bus viennent tous les 5 a 10 minutes meme les bus de mahebourg viennent plus vite que ce de curepipe alors si vous plait faites le necessaire merci.
Bambous rose hill
n'attende pas que les passagers soient assises et maltraite les gens...pitoyable...manque d'éducation...attente interminable...pas de régularité...
Dommage que toute la compagnie et les employés subissent ses complaintes car y'a vraiment des chauffeurs et des contrôleurs bien...
Fouettez dehors ceux qu'on rien à faire de la mauvaise publicité qu'il vous font...
united bus service is the worst transport company, mainly the route 173 curepipe to st pierre and v/s, everyday a person cannot travel standing all through his journey. we are human being not animal, this company treat us like animals. evrytime the bus is crowded and there are much more people than required, up to the door people are standing, there should be more busses in this route as so many offices have been moved to ebene or arrange for busses only from curepipe to ebene and from ebene to curepipe, and on the peak time there should be more busses, lets say, every five minutes, but we have to wait about more than 30 minutes to get 1 bus, thats too standing, we as client of this company suffer a lot. we waste lot of time just in waiting for the bus and after that travel standing, it is not easy to travel stading, try one day you will see how difficult it is. am really getting body pain with this, need to see doctor for this -- a request to the Director of the company, please to look into the matter and consider our problems and solve them,,, PLEASE

in the route 173 Curepipe to St Pierre, everyday to go to work standing, no place at all in the bus,it is so crowded that passenger have to get down of the bus for others and get in agin, arriving at eau coulee itself there are standing, more interesting is that, waiting for more than half an hour we got a bus thats too standing up to the end of our journey. everyday it like this, we go to work standing in bus and returning is the same thing. heard that united bus service has bought some 66 b busses but dont know y still we get the problem that we have to stand in the bus morning and in the afternoon too. we cant afford to pay our bus fare and travel standing,
the united bus service is the worst transport company in mauritius. we, the passenger pay for the tickets and get standing almost everyday in bus from the begining to end end of our journey. the route 173 is already full when it arrives at the Eau Coulee bus stop and at times do not stop at all. as per time table every 15 minutes, there should be a bus route 173 but every day it arrives 10 to 15 minutes late. it means that we get the bus after 45 minutes of waiting.i travel by this route to go work at ebene from eau coolee, where ithan about 1 hr to reach there, the time table sheduled to this route should be revised, there should be more ebene also we get the same problem for the same route,173, 2 curepipe, we are not satisfied at all with the service of the united bus service. we heard that there are new buses on the road but yet never seen on this route. always the conditions of the bus is at the last stage, broken seats, roof of the bus broken, one day, during the last, i got a bus where petrol was coming out of the engine and smell very badly and dress also got dirty because of the petrol.
The worst bus company in Mauritius, in some buses, insects lurks around, buses are not cleaned properly, most staffs don't have manners to talk to passengers, buses produce a lot of toxic black smoke, conductors sometimes don't give tickets to passengers, buses are not properly maintained and much more!!!

hello sir am Mr ansh and I would to tell you about my morning day on 04.02.2015. I was running to catch the bus as I was getting late for work. I was at castel-phoenix when I was scream to stop the bus it doesn't wait I know the bus to make it stop as they could not hear me the bus-conductor open the door and foul me that the bus was not for my mother and that there is no place in the bus. for me when I was running I notice that 5 people had get down and 2 enter the bus and that 2 its written in most of your bus 5 standing but in that bus their was not any standing. I hope it does not happen as when we enter the bus we pay them we r not getting in 4 free. bus number:7911 nv 13 at about 8hr00 am-8hr15am.
I have a serious complaint to make against a UBS bus driver. He is very careless in the sense that he keeps the bus moving while passengers are getting off.Is there any way this could be reported to the company or authority in concern?
The service of UBS is very poor, we have to wait for long to have bus and when the bus arrives on the bus stops of eau coulee, its already full, have standing as if boite sardine, the route 162 express curepipe /prot louis. at times we get standing till port louis. the conditions of the also not good.
we as client, suffer a lot to travell by ubs
Le bus qui sert la ligne Port Louis Ebene Curepipe n'a pas de panneau indicateur et ne s'arrete meme pas sur les arrets d'autobus.

En plus les receveurs ne prennent meme la peine d'annoncer quelle route le bus fera.

C'est tres mediocre comme service.
The Clients of the UBS Transport ltd, finding the lack of a 'Genuine Webpage Presentation' so disturbing...
They were wondering for quite a long time "WHY?" until they noticed the depreciation of the of their safety while travelling in most of the UBS Transport ltd Bus...!
It is Obvious , they said, that there is a absence/privation of repairs upon comforting the passengers broken/unfixed/jagged seats, broken/sharp complete missing of securities bars, Unfettered/loose flooring, rut/fissure and wobbly/unfastened of 'Engine Capo/Cover' which may cause severe injuries where the company may be directly liable for the physical and psychological damage to whom prejudices have been caused...etc...
In Brief, all those disregards/carelessness and abandonment towards the clients mention above may give rise, preconceive or provoke several injuries with the company as guilty...

Furthermore, They finally found our the main reason why the UBS Transport ltd Remains so "blank"...and they laughed (hahaha...)! As if the company were afraid of the loads of complaints that sure would come through every minutes!!!