Job vacancy Bike Rider-Advertising

Ministry of Labour (MLHRDT)
11th Floor, Victoria House, Corner St louis and Barracks Streets, Port Louis

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Klipspruit Ltd
Job Type
Job Status
Full Time
21 May, 2020
Job Title

Bike Rider-Advertising

Job Presentation
Economic SectorHotel & Restaurant
District in MauritiusPLAINE WILHEMS
Job Summary

Delivery Riders
Our Delivery Riders will work for our Panarottis Brand using bikes to deliver pizza and to homes, businesses or other locations. Delivery Drivers also take payment, either via credit/Debit card or cash.
Delivery Riders will be well equipped with safety and precautionary measures in regards with the current pandemic. We ensure you a safe environment.

Duties of Job

• Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspection of the vehicle.
• Assist kitchen helpers for light prep work.
• Make boxes and organize the delivery section of the company.
• Pack pizzas/ and related products and deliver to customer’s place such as homes and offices.
• Collect cash and coupons from customers and receive signature with necessary verification of ID from credit card account.
• Drive employee-owned motorbike to deliver pizza on time.
• Promote pizza products; distribute flyers and promotional materials.
• Document and keep a record of information on pick-ups and deliveries, automobile mileage, fuel costs and any problems encountered.
• Collect payment of delivered pizzas.
• Prepare a number of products, wash dishes, operate pizza oven, sweep floors, and carry out closing tasks per company standards.


? Math: Pizza delivery riders will need to make change for people. Basic addition and subtraction skills are needed.
? Customer-Service: Pizza delivery riders need to be friendly, speak clearly and understand the needs of their customers.
? Hand-Eye Coordination: Pizza delivery riders have to operate a car, and might need to look for addresses at the same time.
? Patience: Heavy traffic, wrong addresses, impatient customers and the occasional mean dog are part of the job. Patience is necessary.
? Good Vision: Pizza delivery riders need to be able to see addresses on buildings, and good vision will be necessary if they are badly lit or small.

Experience Required< 12 months
Salary Proposed10000-15000 (Mauritian Rupees)
10000-15000 (MUR)
Valid Till
21 Jun, 2020 (14 days left)

How to Apply?

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