Australia's best insect (mosquito) repellent

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Australia's best insect (mosquito) repellent. Bushman was created, developed and is made in Australia and Australian weather which is not dissimilar from that of Mauritius with rain, sun and heat. This is very effective in warm, moist tropical environment and Australia whether is quite similar to Mauritius. Bushman has unique time release technology, is very water/sweat/rub resistant but still allows the skin to breathe. Bushman is waterproof and sweat proof - very important in warm climates and has four protection ranges from 7 to 15 hours.

Bushman was developed in the tropics and tested in swamps to ensure it is the best in the harshest of conditions. Bushman is proven to be 100% effective hours longer than any other personal insect repellent. Ideal product for Mauritius climate

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