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Arnaud Figaro
Excellent Rapport vendeur/client.
Have you got time to waste? If that’s the case, get in touch with Navinee Ramnial from L3 Properties who’s very good at describing land boundaries as being ‘along the road and a line of rocks’

For someone who apparently holds a Bcom in Marketing and works in property, you can be sure it’s not going to go very smoothly if you want to either sell or buy properties from their portfolio or expect to be dealt with in a professional manner.

We were approached by Navinee Ramnial for a quote to clear a plot of land situated at Moka near Bocage school. According to her, the site of 50 perches that's been terraced, has grass and a few bushes which needs to be cleared so we sent a quote after a site visit based on her description of where the plot is located.

On the day the work was due to start, we insisted the previous day that someone be there to show us the exact boundaries of the land so that we don’t run into troubles by going into other people’s properties.

No one turned up.

At first the person said :
1. Taking kid to school
2. In a meeting
3. At 10 am he calls to ask if work has started and when he was told someone is supposed to come on site, his answer was ‘li pé vini meme la’

And conveniently, Navinee Ramnial is on leave from work on the day we were supposed to start work on the plot. Not an issue as such except that their office seems to be a mud hut by the side of the road as there was no one else to check office emails.

Obviously, the guy who was supposed to turn up eventually directs my employees to the site and they report back to me it's a freaking jungle with loads of trees and not terraced as stated by Navinee Ramnial.

So ladies and gentlemen, here we have a classic case of misleading/dishonest work proposal so that our quote will be lower than that it would have been if we were shown/described honestly, the condition of the plot of land.

For your entertainment, here's a few excerpts of our email exchanges :

{Navinee Ramnial} You say you have a tertiary education, how can you advance that we can mislead someone in doing what you are suggesting
{Me} Along with the tertiary education and professional experience, I can smell a rat a thousand miles away.

{Navinee Ramnial} You were also told that the road is the boundary as well as a line of rocks.
{Me} A Bcom in Marketing, working in property and you say the site boundary is the road and a line of rocks?? Career change for you perhaps cause that’s a huge fail. Going by your logic, or rather the lack of it, the boundaries of Trou aux Cerfs would be the road that goes around it?

{Navinee Ramnial} Do you think we have time to waste?
{Me} You mean waste other people’s time? Yes, definitely you do.

{Navinee Ramnial}....and the person who was supposed to come on the site, had a problem with his kid’s school and was stuck there. This was communicated to you.
{Me} Problems at his kid’s school? How strange then as he said to my employee:
1. Taking kid to school
2. In a meeting
3. At 10 am he calls to ask if work has started and when he was told someone is supposed to come on site, his answer was ‘li pé vini meme la’

Jean Francois
Thank you to Mr Dany and his team for having devoted their times and skills on my two motorcycles. Merci Beaucoup.