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Most Likely You will be Cheated
I am Mauritius origin and has been living UK for over 30 years. I badly needed few medicines and left a list to be quoted the prices. After 3 days I came back and was given these. At same time I accepted that I be sold four of the listed medicines. One of them was a box stating 100 tablets priced at Rs 272.62. At home, upon checking I was shocked to find only 90 tablets. Further I could compare that all the prices are more expensive by a range of Rs 80 to Rs 175. Also the guy never gives a receipt. My total paid did not agree with each priced item either.

I really feel cheated. Could it be that he thinks I am a 'foreigner' so he can get away with 'cheating'.
Interesting places
They made great bread over there and all there baked product ar just amazing
My youngest daughter 11 (full time education and not working) year old opened savings account with SBI with all her life savings. The bank was debiting a good amount every month. We did not know about it. Upon clarifying they informed that the money was deducted for not maintaining the minimum monthly balance. My daughter is heartbroken and I challenged them for doing such a heinous crime, I suppose. They did not even provide and apology. Why should the politicians or rulers care about it. Their money is not a hard earned one. Sadly, we had to close the account. Beware of SBI, they are a big cheat. Keep away from them my dear brothers and sisters of Indian Citizens. THANK YOU
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