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I am looking for a maintenance technician job to help me develop and improve on those i already aquired.
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I am looking for site supervisor/management
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I am searching for an electrician work where i can extend my skills, gain experience and i can settle down.
i am open to any other job opportunities.
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Looking for Management and Marketing related fields will allow me to capitaliaze on my experience and open to learning new skills to further benefit your business.
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Enthusiastic junior level entry, eager to contribute to team success through hard works, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Motivated to learn, grow, and excel further in the Accounting and Finance Industry.
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i am trying my luck to look for a job where my skills can help the organization to have a more brighter future .
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I have graduated from the University of Mauritius in November 2020. I was pursuing a BEng in Mechanical Engineering minor Energy System. I am particularly drawn to a job in the field of production and manufacturing, draughtswoman job and so on, because it provides experience in which I am interested in.

"I was working as a Production officer in the LIGHT METAL & WOODEN FURNITURE WORKSHOP" at Joonas Industries company Limited for 2 years. My duties consist of giving instructions to workers, following up their works and ensuring proper processes are adopted and a safe work environment. I will be thrilled to work in a big firm like yours as I want to get more experience and knowledge in my field. It will be a great opportunity for me to work in a group and learn more about their revolutionary technology.

Please let me know if you are recruiting currently because I can fill the job immediately.Thank you for taking a look at my curriculum vitae in the attached file.

Yours faithfully,
Noorun Heerah
Resident of terre rouge, Pamplemousses
contact: +230 5830 1050
Email Address: heerah.noorun@gmail.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noorunheerahmechanical96/
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I am currently looking for a job for which I am qualified, such as diploma in air cargo.
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Étant pourvue de précédents apprentissages de travail dans le domaine de l’administration en Ressource humaine, le
Data entry et Ambassadrice en supermarché. J’ai acquis de la rapidité de frappe, méticuleuse en prise d’informations et
parlant couramment le français. Détenant un certificat du Graphic Design Program et en Customer Relations & Servic-
es. Je souhaite aujourd’hui rejoindre une équipe au sein de laquelle, je saurais monter en compétence professionnel et
atteindre les objectifs fixés.-
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I am currently undertaking a full-time course BSc (Hons) Finance in year 2 at the University of Mauritius. As part of my curriculum, I have to complete 10 weeks of industrial training during the September/October break as per University-Industry Liaison Office.

I wish to apply for the internship at your firm. I aspire to learn a lot during those weeks to improve my skills and knowledge. I believe this internship will bring an advancement in my career therefore I am looking forward to a positive answer.
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A highly resourceful flexible, innovative, well organized and an excellent team player with a substantiate ability to work proactively in a complicated and busy office environment and to excel among the professional where I can utilize my skills with strong commitment and dedication, for the progressive growth of the company.
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I opt to have knowledge in diverse field and have skills in multiple sectors.
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I'm looking for a job like webmaster like graphic designers
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I am currently unemployed and looking for a new opportunity. I wish to bring my knowledge and abilities in any company that is willing to give me the opportunity to grow and prove my experience.
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I am looking for a part time job.
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